Recession-Proofing Programme / Downturn Survival Kit


Following strong interest in our Top Tips for Recession-Proofing, including in the Times, the Telegraph and Real Business; we have had a lot of enquiries about what we can actually do to help companies in these increasingly tough conditions.

Shield Corporate Finance is now unbundling its acclaimed Business Improvement / Recession-Proofing Programme, making elements available on a modular basis, starting at £500. Shield's Recession-Proofing modules include:

1. Needs Assessments (£500)    
2. Stand-Alone Modules    
a. Cash Flow Management modules    
  ii. Rolling cash flow projection spreadsheet for at least 3 months, with suitable periodicity (monthly/weekly/daily)    
  ii. Working capital management & credit control review & recommendations    
  iii. Management Dashboards    
  1. Plan (Sales & Marketing, Financial, Production and other key performance indicators)    
  2. Construction* (Defining the outputs, with a web front end or Excel spreadsheet)    
  3. Implementation* (connection to CRM, accounting & other systems)    
b. Credit Capacity Review & Recommendations    
  i. Financial modelling of interest coverage & gearing ratios under 3 scenarios    
  ii. Imminent & future funding requirements: Review & Recommendations    
  iii. Fund-raising prospectus, for use by third parties*. 3 Year Business Plan with projection scenarios    
c. Sales Effectiveness Review & Recommendations    
  i. Analysis of profitability by product & customer    
  ii. Pricing review (Supply & demand; product attractiveness/ vulnerability; scope for price increases; need for price reduction)    
  iii. Sales Process Mapping & refinement recommendations    
  iv. Sales Message Definition & Communication Plan    
  v. Sales Force Training*    
d. Marketing Review & Recommendations    
  i. E-marketing Review & Recommendations    
  ii. Direct marketing Review & Recommendations    
  iii. Monthly Press release programme*    
  iv. Case Study production (written & video)*    

Cost Reduction Review & Recommendations

  i. Break-even analysis & Recommendations    
  ii. Overhead reduction plans*    
  iii. Monthly performance review system for all staff/ Redundancy selection criteria*    

*Shield also offers a 6 - 12 month programme covering all the modules listed with the exception of those asterixed.


Whether or not the credit crunch is behind us, recession certainly lies ahead. Unwelcome as that may be, it should spell long term success for businesses which embrace the opportunity to run a tighter ship in terms of basic management disciplines.

Remember, your competitors are facing the same storm; what matters is that you come through it better than they do.

Contact us to find out more about Recession-Proofing and surviving the downturn.


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