Our Business Health Checks

At Shield, we've developed a range of diagnostic tools to help business owners and managers.

Financial Endurance Test

The latest, developed in response to the 2020 Pandemic, is our free 'Financial Endurance Test', to help you explore steps you can take to boost the ability of your business to prepare for and withstand a period of potential losses. 

Value Leak Tests, to detect scope for Value (Re-)Building

These Business Health Checks identify where you're losing value and where you have scope to boost the value of your business (in the years prior to sale, or just to help you take your business to the next level).

In response to their popularity with clients, we've made two full versions available to purchase online: the Basic Business Health Check (100 questions spanning 10 essential functions of any business) and the Comprehensive Business Health Check (which runs to more than 500 questions).

By way of introduction, we've created the free 15 question taster below, offering immediate feedback: Shield's mini Business Health Check, or 'Value-Leak Detector'

Free Mini Business Health Check
Click the image to access the free Mini Business Health Check

Sale Readiness Test

If you are considering selling a business you might also find it helpful to take Shield's Sale Readiness Test, which is a downloadable questionnaire on the topic of sale preparation, designed to help you assess how ready you are to launch a sale process. It answers the question "Assuming that I want to sell my business soon, how much still needs to be done before I start talking to potential buyers?" You can buy the Sale ReadinessTest here.

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