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 Meet Shield's Brand Wizard to boost your business and retire earlier
Can people look at your business card and see at a glance:
a) what you actually do, and
b) what benefit you offer them?
Does your corporate identity (from letterhead & compliments slip to website & brochure) communicate clearly and compellingly your value proposition?
If not, you're selling yourself short and leaving money on the table. It's a common problem. But it's not easy to fix, because the people at the top of your organisation probably have divergent views on all the issues involved. And airy-fairy advertising agencies charge fortunes for their advice, whether it's convincing or not.
But help is now at hand; Shield had found a brilliant brand specialist who can lead your top team through a 7-Step Tune-Up process (in as many weeks) that's highly cost-effective. You can take it one simple step at a time, with no further obligation if you decide to stop at any point (though no-one does!).


The first step is a free consultation with Shield's Brand Wizard, to see:

Examples of the wonders he has worked recently
How his process creates internal consensus & enthusiasm around a revitalised brand & identity
How cost effective the process is, even for small businesses
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