Selling a business soon? How to extract peak value

Your primary objective when selling a business:

To achieve a premium price for the stake you want to sell by getting the timing and process right.

Your concerns when selling a business:

Getting the timing right

You only need to live through one recession to understand why some people say "timing is everything". We've seen a few. In addition to market cycles, individual businesses have their peaks and troughs. But paradoxically, when you sell a business, peak profits don't bring peak pricing. Because buyers want future growth. Too many sellers leave selling a business until it's too late. We can help you weigh the timing considerations from the market cycle, from the business, from the buyers and from the shareholders - to work out when to push the "Go!" button.

Avoiding damage to the business as a result of sale 

Selling a business - what do I do next?

Shield has extensive experience of running successful business sale processes and helping business owners to sell their businesses, generally for more than they were expecting. If your operating profits are £500K> we would be delighted to discuss our distinctive approach in confidence.
If you want to protect the wealth you have built up in your business but are not ready to retire from it, we can help you extract some value from the business while retaining some (possibly all) of your stake. You may be able to have your cake and eat it - or at least have a second bite at the cherry! Contact us today for a business valuation.

Getting the process right when selling a business

You only need to live through one failed sale to understand why some people say when selling a business "process is everything". A business can collapse under competitive attack on customers and staff when uncertainty about future ownership and direction has undermined confidence. At the other end of the spectrum from failure to success, a sale process with panache can produce truly remarkable results. We've seen more than a few of those - with sellers achieving prices several times higher than they had thought possible.

It may be tempting to accept a request for exclusivity from a suitable buyer who seems willing to pay the price you had in mind. But paradoxically, restricting discussions to a single potential buyer is not usually the best way to protect confidentiality

Certainly when selling a business competition works wonders to maximise price, but that doesn't mean that an auction is the right approach in every case. We'd be happy to discuss your process options and what's best in your particular circumstances.   

Working out what the business is worth

Shield's business valuation service will provide you with a good indication of what your business is worth on a stand-alone basis and taking synergies into account, both today and in the future. Contact us today for a business valuation.

Identifying the best buyers for a business

You probably have plenty of good ideas yourself. We'll add a surprising number of further names, domestically and internationally, from our specialist Research Department and our extensive contact network. Our M&A partnerships extend to China and Japan. We'll investigate the track-records and financial capabilities of all of them, to give you a ranked long-list of potential buyers. Then we'll help you pick the short-list for confidential approaches.

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