When selling a business, preparation is key

What does preparing to sell a business involve?

Selling a business involves creating a professional package with which to market your business to serious buyers/investors who need to understand what return on investment they can expect.

Who is business sale preparation for?

Owners and managers selling a business with profits of over £500k, in any sector.

How long does it take to prepare to sell a business?

Usually 3-6 months, depending on the complexity of the business and on the state of its plans and projections.

Why should I retain a specialist M&A advisor for business sale preparation, and why Shield?

Because most businesses are sold short. Bankers brought in to handle a business sale usually arrive on the scene too late to add much value. With little time to get a business into shape for sale, the best they can do is grooming. But superficial, cosmetic touch-ups are no substitute for the attractions of a fit business capable of vigorous potential growth. 

M&A advisors Shield brings its expertise in selling a business to bear early enough to make a real difference to the outcome of your sale. You will be treated as a valued client, not a target for sales of other financial services. We'll give you senior attention and old-fashioned independent advice, untainted by any conflicts of interest, such as attempts to finance selected buyers at the same time. And you'll get an M&A team who understand the process and psychology of divestiture work, not fresh from an IPO or a bond issue.

In M&A work, as in most things, specialisation leads to better results. We are able to hit the ground running on every assignment; we understand the psychology of sell-side negotiations and we're up to date with all the latest market developments. We derive great satisfaction from seeing our clients richly rewarded by our efforts on their behalf.

How do you charge for the preparing to sell a business?

We typically charge a modest monthly fee (and if Shield then acts as your business sale advisor, a success fee the size of which depends on how well we do for you). All in all, our clients tend to find that the value we deliver to them in terms of improved results pays for our services many, many times over.

Next steps?

If your profits are over £500k we would be delighted to have a no obligation discussion on what needs to be done in advance to optimise the outcome of the sale of your business. We appreciate that confidentiality is vital and understand that you may wish to remain anonymous by using a pseudonym. We are happy to call you outside of office hours or at weekends if you prefer. 

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