Selling a business - To Achieve Peak Value

Beyond the simple match-making role of "No Win, No Fee" brokers...

Shield specialises in selling businesses. We work in close collaboration with clients throughout the process, guiding them through all the potential pitfalls. The keys to selling a business for more are simple to understand, but difficult to deliver. You need experienced advisors who have done this sucessfully many times before, achieving excellent results time after time.

Shield is able to achieve peak value for business owners when it comes to sale by delivering a range of services well beyond the simple match-making role of brokers. Shield adds significant value to a sale process by: 

Step One: We Prepare your business for investigation by potential buyers

Step Two: We Extensively research trade & financial acquirers globally





  •  Understand the business
  •  Write the "teaser"
  •  Write Information Memorandum
  •  Prepare Financial Projections
  •  Research Potential Buyers
 1 -2 Months


  •  Contact Potential Buyers (confidentially)
  •  Put Confidentiality Agreements in Place
  •  Send Information Memorandum 
  •  Invite Selective Management Presentations 
 1 -2 Months


  • Preliminary Bids
  • Due Diligence
  • Final Bids
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Completion
 2 -3 Months

Selling a business can be an intensive process which will normally take about 6-7 months. The table above shows the main stages in the sale process.

What are the fees?

What Next?

If your business has operating profits of £500,000 or more then contact us now for a no-obligation, confidential discussion with one of Shield's experts.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve the optimum price for your business.


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