What do our clients say?

"Shield's persistence paid off in the end. Selling a traditional travel agency business these days is next to impossible, but after two years and two attempts they did it!

I am grateful for Shield's determination and tenacity in driving this process to a conclusion, very much against the odds. Ironically, the final phase was rather rushed, due to the exclusivity window they used in order to extract a premium price, but Shield kept us all on an even keel, averting a couple of crises which nearly wrecked the deal.

Thanks to Shield's active and dogged engagement, I can now retire with the great satisfaction of having achieved a highly tax efficient extraction of my funds. There were times when I thought this was not going to be possible, so I am delighted at the outcome they achieved for me."

Nigel Pothecary, Founder, WWT
Engaged Shield to assist with selling a business

Shield sells WWT to Travel Angels. Read about the deal here

"I would like to congratulate the Shield team for the outstanding job they did in representing us in the UK on this difficult sale. We couldn't have got a better result, and it was achieved in spite of a series of setbacks along the way. 

Thanks to Shield's competitive process, an initial bid (from the same bidder) in a global auction was raised by 155%! And they negotiated further contingent price increases worth up to a further 10% of the sale price. 

In a landmark transaction, against all odds and all expectations, Shield persuaded UK Pension Regulator that deficit funding at closing was unnecessary. 

I would strongly recommend Shield to any US company selling a UK subsidiary. We have secured a bright future for an excellent business."

Keith Zar, Vice President & General Counsel
United Components, Inc., USA

Engaged Shield to assist with selling a business
www.ucinc.com   www.flexible-lamps.co.uk

Shield Corporate Finance sells Carlyle's Flexible Lamps to US giant Penske for $40m. Read about the deal here


"Hiring Shield was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. Having built a business for thirteen years, in the last three months we managed to triple its value.

We brought in Shield after we had received a takeover proposal. They helped us develop our growth story, generate competition and
win the key negotiation points. They tripled the initial offer.

The challenge is how do you get the buyer to pay more, and that was one of the things that Shield was very instrumental in helping us achieve.

The result we got for the sale of our business was outstandingly better than we ever imagined."

Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia, Founder, Former President & CEO
Cambridge Pharma Consultancy, www.cambridge-pharma.com

Initial offer tripled for owner managers of Cambridge Pharma. Watch short video case study or read about the deal.

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"In our case, selling a business we had built up over 20 years was a once-in-a-life-time event. Finding the right corporate advisers was essential to us completing this transaction successfully, and Shield proved to be an excellent ally to have on our side during this process.

They were superb, guiding us through a very demanding process, very innovative, attentive and refreshingly straightforward
to deal with. It was very reassuring to have Shield by our side.

I cannot commend them highly enough."

Eduardo Loigorri, Founder, Former Managing Director
Exchequer Software Limited, www.iris.co.uk

Significant premium for owner managers. Read about the deal


"Now that the dust has settled on our transaction, I must record my heartfelt thanks to Shield for their extreme tenacity and resourcefulness in bringing to fruition a great deal for Country Lanes and our four new investors.

As it turned out, this was not a short or easy process, but Shield stuck with it and fought to the finish on my behalf, displaying a dogged determination to get the deal done through all the unpredictable ups and downs.

As an ex-banker myself, I can safely say that I have never seen such great value delivered in a corporate finance transaction before. Shield was able to bring investment banking expertise to a much smaller transaction size than the investment banks would look at. Shield helped me reshape my company's strategy (away from package tourism and towards cycle hire operations at strategic tourist destinations) in a way that made it more attractive. They found buyers when all the obvious candidates had withdrawn. And they maintained competitive tension.

I congratulate Shield on going the extra mile to deliver me another of their 'remarkable results'."

Susan Achmatowicz , Founder
Country Lanes Limited,

Read about the deal

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"Shield were the key to structuring our buyout proposal and subsequent deal. The terms negotiated with Shield's expert advice greatly mitigated the risk initially envisaged by the buyout team."

John Davies, Managing Director
TDSi, www.tdsi.co.uk

Read about the deal

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"David Young's intelligence, persistence and unfailing support were critical to achieving the desired outcome."

Michael Pragnell, Former Chief Executive
Zeneca Agro Chemicals, www.zeneca.com


"I could not have asked for a more skilful, experienced and dedicated team. The result you delivered for us was an excellent one, and I am very happy with the outcome. I look forward to working with you again."

Phil Goodwin, former Head of UK Investments
Montagu Private Equity 

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"I have long been impressed with Dr. David Young's effectiveness as a deal maker and his ability to achieve remarkable results."

Yoshitaka Kitao, President & CEO
Softbank Investment Corporation, www.softbank.co.jp

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"Shield's Growth Coach helped me double my profits in under 3 years."

Peter Bennet, Managing Director
Groveley Engineering, www.groveley.co.uk

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"Shield's Business Growth Coach has helped me to transform our profitability and expand the business."

Keith Reilly, Managing Director
AlfaTronix, www.alfatronix.ltd.uk

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"We were so grateful that we had David Young and his team working with us."


Lyndsey Matheson, Founder, Former Chairman & COO
Cambridge Pharma Consultancy,


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"I think that what Shield achieved was a spectacular result [inital offer for Cambridge Pharma tripled] and on terms that couldn't be faulted."


Simon Robinson, Partner
Slaughter & May, www.slaughterandmay.com

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"I don't think you can exaggerate the degree of stress and disruption that selling a business can cause you. I think that a good Financial Advisor can certainly reduce that level of stress."

Nigel Boardman, Partner
Slaughter & May, www.slaughterandmay.com


"Shield's preparation programme is unique. It made all the difference for us.

I am delighted with the way that Shield helped guide us through our recent MBO
. Shield's analytical skills meant that the whole process ran like clockwork."

Nick Baldwin, Chief Executive
Regency Mortgage Corporation


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