Increase and Extract the Value of
Your Business

Tim Bullock + James Sale + David Young


Increase and Extract the Value of Your Business by Tim Bullock, James Sale & David Young


Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business is an essential book for business owners and leaders, showing:

and even how to realise value without losing control.

"A common theme among the business owners I meet is discomfort with the fact that most of their wealth is tied up in their businesses. In most cases they have alternatives they have not considered, but it takes time to get a business into good shape for presentation to purchasers or investors. If you want to maximise the value you can extract from your business, it's no good waking up one day and deciding you want to get out as quickly as possible", says Tim Bullock.

"The exciting thing about small and medium sized businesses is their potential for growth - and the impact of that growth on value. Now at last we've found a way of moving from talking about growth to helping people actually achieve it", says
Shield's David Young.

If you are interested in any of the following questions this book is for you:

  • Can I realise value without selling/losing control?
  • How can I make my business more saleable?
  • How can I maximise value in my business?
  • What choices and alternatives are there?
  • What would a business sale process involve?
  • What is value?
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