Shield's Summer Strategy To Help Directors Selling A Business

 28/Jun/2011 08:14:39

Specialist M&A advisor Shield Corporate Finance is urging directors selling a business to use the summer for vital strategic planning if they are to gain the best possible price.

Summer is traditionally a quieter period in the mergers and acquisitions market as buyers and their advisers go on holiday.

But selling your business involves at least two to three months of extensive planning and preparations, warns Shield.

So entrepreneurs must start their strategic planning now if they are to catch the upsurge in demand that traditionally occurs in the autumn and the run-up to Christmas.

Directors who try to sell a business without having first carried out the correct preparations risk:

  • jeopardising the sale of their valuable business
  • significantly damaging its shareholder value because the market will be aware it has failed to sell
  • having to sell the business for a far lower price because buyers will have more opportunities to negotiate reductions.

Specialist M&A advisors at Shield Corporate Finance help directors to carry out all the groundwork needed to gain optimum value from selling a business.

From valuing a business to advising on the factors that will underpin and boost its final sale price, Shield can offer vital help at every stage of the process.

Shield provides expert advice on exit strategies, guiding entrepreneurs through all the various options available.

Shield Founder and Chief Executive Dr David Young said: “The final value of your business will depend heavily on the sale preparations that you put in place at the outset.

“Skimp on the detailed planning needed now and you will inevitably pay the price as the sale process progresses.

“Far too many directors underestimate the time involved in planning and preparation. There is no better time than the summer ­ - traditionally one of the quietest periods of the year - ­ to carry out this vital strategic work.”

Shield Corporate Finance was founded by David Young in 2001 to deliver superb results for entrepreneurs selling a business, guaranteeing senior professional attention and total confidence throughout the whole sale process.

Shield’s M&A advisor team works with companies with operating profits of £500,000-plus, offering a free indication of value if a business fits this criterion.

For more information about selling a business, contact Shield Founder and Chief Executive Dr David Young +44 (0) 20 7031 8265.


Information for Editors:

Shield Corporate Finance is a firm of independent experts who specialise in growing and selling businesses around the world. Shield offers merger and acquisitions services ranging from preparing businesses for sale, business sale market testing, selling businesses, business valuation, management buyout, acquisitions, commercial negotiation assistance and M&A training.

Shield also offers a business improvement service to help entrepreneurs growing a business. For more information, see Shield’s Business Improvement Programme and free online Business Health Check.

Shield Corporate Finance was founded by Dr David Young in 2001 and now operates internationally with offices in London, Poole and New York; representatives in Beijing, San Diego and Johannesburg and an alliance with Soft Bank in Japan.

Shield’s industry sector coverage includes:

The team works in English, German, French, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

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