Shield's CEO co-authors essential new book for entrepreneurs

 10/Mar/2006 14:52:22

A Deal Maker, a Mentor and a Business Leader have teamed up to tackle the big issue every owner-manager faces but few can freely discuss: How best to extract the value in my business?


'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business' authors, Tim Bullock, James Sale and David Young. Photograph (c) Zoe Bonaventure


The help they offer comes in two forms: a book and accompanying monthly workshop series. Released today, 'Increase & Extract the Value of Your Business' is an essential book for business owners and leaders, showing how to build value and make a business more saleable, what a sale involves and even how to realise value without losing control.

Starting in May, through their Value Improvement Programme, the diverse trio will coach selected small groups of business leaders through an interactive series of monthly workshops towards tripling the value of their businesses in three years or less.

All three authors are successful entrepreneurs in their own right:

Business leader Tim Bullock founded MD Support Ltd to help business leaders formulate and execute strategies for delivering significant value growth. Tim himself has led a number of businesses to dramatically improved performance, including the merger of two already successful businesses which increased their combined profits from £37m to £84m in just 3 years.

Motivational mentor James Sale is the founder and MD of Motivational Mentoring Ltd, a company with a unique and holistic approach to enhancing performance and tackling underperformance of people and teams in corporate and SME businesses. James has written and published over 30 books, and has 25 years experience developing performance improvement techniques.

Deal-maker David Young founded Shield Corporate Finance Ltd to help business owners maximise value through sale or other means using a proprietary value optimisation system. Previously, David established and led JPMorgan's European Business Sale Group; his mergers and acquisitions career has spanned the Atlantic with leading firms including Goldman Sachs, Wasserstein Perella and Merrill Lynch.

Author Tim Bullock says: "A common theme among the business owners I meet is discomfort with the fact that most of their wealth is tied up in their businesses. In most cases they have alternatives they have not considered, but it takes time to get a business into good shape for presentation to purchasers or investors. If you want to maximise the value you can extract from your business, it's no good waking up one day and deciding you want to get out as quickly as possible."

Author James Sale says: "The book is just the taster. The Value Improvement Programme goes much further - blending an understanding of financial realities with a practical approach to human and motivational issues, and getting to grips with the specific circumstances of a client's business. Anyone participating in this programme is going to accelerate their business and personal growth significantly."

Author David Young says: "The exciting thing about small and medium sized businesses is their potential for growth - and the impact of that growth on value. Now at last we've found a way of moving from talking about growth to helping people actually achieve it."

Photo Note: (Left to right) Tim Bullock, James Sale, David Young. Photograph by Zoe Bonaventure.


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