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"Grooming" - More than skin deep?

TIRED looking City workers are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to present a fresher face in a competitive world, say recent reports*. But this drastic approach to grooming is only skin deep. 

The success of health clubs in recent years reflects widespread public awareness that real appeal lies in health and fitness. Grooming is good, fitness is better, and a combination of the two is best.

You would think that our society's increasing preoccupation with attractiveness might be carried over to the sale of businesses.

But it isn't. When it comes to sale, owner managers often take the quick-fix route, focusing on grooming and forgetting fitness - they spoil the outcome as a result. Since attractiveness, for a business, is all to do with the growth and reliability of future cash flows, dressing up past performance, useful though it is, does not go far enough.

To really excite buyers, a business needs to be strong and fit, capable of consistent good performance, and set to grow impressively.

That's why Shield M&A focuses on sale fitness as well as sale preparation. We call it 'Business Improvement', and it's best started at least a year or two prior to sale.

*The Harley Medical Group says bookings from male workers was up 40% in Oct 2006 at its City and Harley Street clinics. The UK cosmetic surgery market was worth £224.6m> in 2003, and is growing at about 9.4% a year. Source: Keynote

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